Villager complains about tree cutting in BF Homes

A dear reader emailed us asking for help regarding the cutting of old trees within BF Homes.

Here is her email:

hello alabang bulletin,

i just noticed some establishments are starting to cut age old trees around bf homes. is this allowed especially the ones that are found along the main roads?

there used to be an old tree that stood near the church in phase 3, it killed us to see a really REALLY old tree brutally being cut down.

i find it very ironic one of the tenants is a well known coffee place that’s supposed to be environmentally conscious.

what makes it worse is that, the establishment replaced the old tree with a planter with a thin plant as if that would make up for the life they took.

now along president’s ave there’s another establishment near tahanan village is cutting down an old tree again. it would be a shame if our officials tolerate  this wrongful practice, one day bf homes will lose its “homey” touch  if these new establishments keep on cutting down these beautiful trees…


Thank you for this, teenav. We hope the local government of Paranaque can do something about this and also Barangay BF.  Maybe they can answer why they allowed the tree cuttings in the area.

Although it’s for the beautification of the neighborhood, maybe authorities can think of other ways on how to do this. Maybe they can relocate the trees or something instead of cutting them right then and there.

Calling on the local government of Paranaque…

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