Videos on how we can protect our own lives and properties and those of our loved ones

Alabang Bulletin stumbled upon videos made by the Philippine National Police. We feel that these are very important for us to be more vigilant of crimes and criminals especially in living our daily lives.

Please enjoy and also share the videos or this link to all your friends so we can all be protected against criminals.

How to ward of Dugo-Dugo Gang.

How to avoid getting victimized by people who do “Kotong” or short-change of money as PNP calls it.

How to avoid being a victim of Date Rape.

How not to be a victim of ATM scams.

How to avoid being victimized by the Ativan Gang.

Tips against Salisi Gang.

Tips against thieves on motorcycles.

Anti-kidnapping tips.

Anti-rape self defense.

Pickpocket modus.

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  1. vladyderamos says:

    what if the supposed to be criminals are the police themselves? or those who use the police as cohorts?