Vehicles with Friendship Route stickers exempted from number coding – LP traffic enforcers

Yes. Vehicles with the much-coveted Las Pinas Friendship Route stickers are exempted from the number coding scheme in Las Pinas.

This was revealed earlier by two Las Pinas traffic enforcers interviewed by Alabang Bulletin along Alabang-Zapote Road.

“Yes, they are exempted,” echoed the two traffic enforcers.

When asked if this was an ordinance approved by the City Council, the two explained that this was a special request or special order from Las Pinas Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar.

The enforcers further mentioned the “special order” of Aguilar is being observed in all Las Pinas roads–including the LP part of Daang Hari.

So if the two traffic enforcers know about this order then it is safe to say that all traffic enforcers in the city are also aware of the exemption.

So when you’re traveling around the city on your “coded” days, no traffic enforcer can stop you or apprehend you for number coding.

The two enforcers reminded motorists though that there are no window hours for Las Pinas number coding.

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No Responses

  1. arielle cornelia says:

    tanong ko lang po kung alam po ba ito ng lahat ng mga enforcer? thank you

  2. Las Pinas Resident says:

    It has to be publicly announced, if there is truth to this.
    The enforcers have no mercy. They will flag you even if you came from Concha Cruz towards Alabang (50 meters to boundary).

  3. jiggs says:

    yes, i agree with the comments.

    there must be a city ordinance to effect this. we cannot just use the words of “two traffic enforcers” OR that we read it in “alabang bulletin”…

    • Oh, we totally agree. We’re just reporting what we found out and not encourage people to follow what the two traffic enforcers said. As a side note, when we asked them if this had an ordinance, they said that it didn’t since it was a “special order”.

      At any rate, we are still trying to get the official word from Las Pinas City Hall but unfortunately, their Public Information Office has not gotten back to us. We will try our best to contact the head of the Las Pinas Traffic Group.

      We will let you all know once we get that info.

      Thank you.

  4. rick l. amador says:

    Kasi nga, yun coding sa Las Pinas is to deter “outsiders” from passing thru, creating more traffic in the already congested alabang-zapote road. Ok ako dya. Ang hindi ako ok, yun lecheng “buhos” system!

  5. vladeram says:

    dalawang beses na akong nasita dun sa may tapat ng toyota alabang. nung nakikita namang may fs sticker ako, sinasaluduhan lang ako ng enforcer.

    also tried going out from bf resort to sm southmall, yung pulis sa kanto ng marcos alvarez, sinita din ako, pero nung nakita na may fs ako, pinadirecho na lang din ako.

    more often, totoo siguro ito. but i dont think they can issue an official statement. why? baka sabihin ng mmda may exemption ang LP.

    imho, its a privilge, ika nga.

  6. sma says:

    may iniisyu na bang 2012 FS sticker? thanks!saan din makukuha?

  7. noelbognot says:

    Just want to follow up regarding the result of the confirmation of the Traffic Division na talagang exempted sa coding ang may FS.

  8. I Just emailed Las Pinas gov and here is their reply:

    Jimmy Castillano
    Add to contacts
    We’ve added this sender to your safe list. That way you can always see what they’ve sent you.
    Good Day. Vehicles with Friendship stickers are NOT exempted from the number coding scheme. Number coding scheme is effective in Las Piñas City from 7am to 7pm Mondays thru Fridays except holidays. Thank you for visiting our website.
    Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 10:04 AM

    Your message was sent successfully:

    your message:
    Friendship Sticker

    Are vehicles with the “Friendship Sticker” Excepted from the number coding scheme in Las Pinas?

    What is the memorandum/City order number?

    We will send our reply to your email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Las Pinas Team

    • We just hope the Las Pinas government could be consistent with their announcements regarding this.

      Las Pinas Traffic Office said it depends on the traffic enforcers if they don’t apprehend you. Traffic enforcers said yes, vehicles with Friendship Route stickers are exempted. Now, this.

      Well, I guess we just have to honor what City Hall says.

      Thanks for this. Will write about this.

  9. LP resident says:

    Mayor Aguilar announced it himself during the release of the latest Friendship stickers at Verdant that all those who have the sticker will be exempted from the number coding in Las Pinas. 🙂