TRB sets 3-strike policy in RFID lanes for motorists without load

From by Richmond Mercurio:

MANILA, Philippines — The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) is set to implement a “three-strike” policy against motorists who enter RFID-only lanes on expressways without load, an official said yesterday.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Undersecretary Garry de Guzman, who has been appointed as alternate TRB chairman by Secretary Arthur Tugade, said the policy is aimed at instilling discipline among motorists to load first before entering RFID lanes to avoid disruptions and inconveniences to compliant RFID users.

“Since there are already a lot of RFID users, sad to say, there are also a lot who are abusive. They enter RFID lanes without load. You will be surprised that based on the statistics given by the operators, there are those who enter 50 times without load,” De Guzman said in a virtual briefing.

“If there is one who enters the RFID lanes without load, imagine the effect. Thousands are entering right now who have been repeatedly entering without load,” he said.

To address this problem, De Guzman said TRB members agreed to adopt the three-strike policy in a meeting on Monday.

“For the first offense, since we are still in the transition phase, you will just be reminded to load next time. Second offense, if you enter again, warning,” he said.

“If you hit a third strike in entering RFID lanes without load, you will be apprehended and penalties for such violation implemented pre-COVID will be applied to you,” De Guzman said.

The TRB earlier announced that the transition period prior to 100 percent cashless transaction would continue to be in effect “until further notice.” It was supposed to end last Jan. 11.

This means that cash payments will continue to be accepted, motorists without RFID tags will not be apprehended, and RFID subscription and installation will remain in many locations identified by toll road operators.

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