Traffic light at the corner of Alabang-Zapote Road and Daanghari coming soon?

This will certainly be one of the most welcome traffic moves the area will ever experience, don’t you think?

The Buhos System definitely isn’t on the list. Okay, the opening of the Friendship Route could be.

Anyway, according to Las Pinas City Hall, we may well be seeing a stoplight at the corner of the always-busy (and sometimes dangerous but mostly annoying) Alabang Zapote Road/Daanghari soon.

The time a bus inexplicably went head on with a truck and caused hellish traffic in the area and backing up traffic on both Alabang-Zapote Road and Daanghari for several minutes. Genius.

In a conversation with city Media Office chief Jimmy Castillano this week, he confirmed that the putting up of a traffic light to aid the traffic in the mentioned intersection has been considered for a long time now and they are just awaiting for the go signal from the MMDA (get it? go signal?)

“I talked to our traffic management office and they revealed that there are definitely plans of putting a stoplight in the corner of Alabang-Zapote Road and Daanghari,” he confirmed.

He added that they have requested for the traffic light from the MMDA and are just awaiting for it to be delivered and installed.

“Don’t worry, we are doing our best to speed this up,” he assured Alabang Bulletin (and the many motorists always trapped in gridlocks in the said area).

In an online survey we recently held in our social media accounts, majority of the replies revealed that they agree with the idea of having traffic lights in the said intersection.

With a resounding “YES”, several motorists expressed the NEED for the traffic lights, especially when traffic enforcers are on break or are not present.

“Las Pinas needs traffic lights,” said Zaydee Crenn.

“Lights and camera, please,” mentioned Thornstein Delos Santos.

Many mentioned that the area is known for motorists not giving way to each other.

In turn, those not in favor said what the area really needs are disciplined drivers.

“Alabang Zapote road needs disciplined drivers. Kahit may stoplight dyan pero di naman susundin ng mga pasaway na driver wala din,” expressed Adrian Aguilar.

Others also suggested that the lights be synchronized with the other traffic lights in the area like the one by Alabang-Zapote Road and Acacia Ave.

Some even suggested rerouting schemes that traffic authorities can explore like “No Left Turn to Alabang-Zapote from Daanghari” or “No Left Turn to Daanghari from Alabang-Zapote” just to decongest the area and distribute traffic inside to Acacia and Commerce avenues.

Of course there were those who suggested far out ideas like building a Skyway on Alabang-Zapote Road which if you’ve lived in Las Pinas your whole life and endured the horrendous traffic along its main road, the idea doesn’t seem so sketchy at all.

Castillano failed to give an exact date on when the traffic lights will be installed but said that they are pushing hard for this to be ASAP.

It can be recalled that the MMDA sat down with Las Pinas officials some months back to discuss possible solutions to the city’s traffic problems.

At least the confusion of whether the area belongs to Las Pinas or Muntinlupa has somewhat been determined.

Regular motorists who pass by the area will now just have to wait until there is a go signal (still don’t get it?) for the stoplight in the area.

For now, let us all be the disciplined drivers that we all should be and extend road courtesy to drivers who woke up earlier than us and got to that area before us.

Drive safely, everyone, and we will update you once we get more details about the stoplight installation.


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