There goes the BF Homes neighborhood (Cocktales)

By: Victor C. Agustin
November 4, 2016 8:03 AM

The raw sewage being discharged into the Paranaque estero and onward to the Manila Bay by the sprawling BF Homes subdivision will continue to be untreated.

Maynilad Water Services had already advised its contractors and the BF Homes residents that the much-delayed installation of interceptor pipes will no longer proceed, following the insistence of the BF Homes developer to extract an unspecified hundreds of million in “right-of-way” fee.

According to the grapevine, the sewerage treatment project has become hostage to the still ongoing opposition by BF Homes against Maynilad’s installation of water pipes, killing the private water distribution business of the developer of the country’s largest subdivision.

“While the sewerage project and the installation will greatly benefit BF Paranaque and its residents by way of a cleaner and healthier environment and will be implemented at no cost to them, it is unfortunate that the (developer) has opted to leave it up to us to second-guess the ROW fee that is acceptable to it,” said Maynilad chief operating officer Randolph Estrellado in a letter to BF Homes.

“As we are working on a tight deadline set by our financing institutions … we regret that we can no longer await the (BF Homes’) counterproposal,” Estrellado said. “We are thus constrained to delete BF Paranaque from the coverage of the sewerage project.”

What is complicating the negotiations is that only a minor official of the developer BF Homes, engineer Fernando Javier, is on record negotiating with Estrellado, and not the controversial, elusive polo patron that still controls BF Homes.

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