The Village Square Alabang releases destinations and schedules for shuttle service

The Village Square Alabang finally released more information about its shuttle services offering for the people in the south.

Please see graphics below:


The prescribed pick-up location is near Entrance 3 of the mall along Concha Cruz Drive.

The mall also clarified that the “shuttle service only picks up from the mall and does not offer round trip” or does not have terminals in other areas.

This was what residents were asking before.

So to all those asking — no, they only offer pick-ups from the mall.

Hopefully the guards now know about the shuttle service too as there were several residents who complained that the guards didn’t know about any shuttle services when they asked a couple of weeks ago.

Some villagers also told us about their experience of waiting in line for a couple of hours before a van showed up.

Hopefully this has been addressed as well.

Efforts to reach The Village Square Alabang officials via Facebook and Instagram have been unsuccessful as well but we will update everyone once they reply.

We are asking them about a statement of one resident saying the BGC route needing to drop off passengers in Makati first before heading to Taguig.

We will clarify as soon as they reply or as soon as someone who has taken the route can confirm.

Please feel free to message us or comment here how this particular shuttle service is going.

Ride safe, southies!


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