The Skyway Sucat Experience

Okay, so the Skyway Sucat ramp portion had already opened.

Mayor Jun Bernabe was even there during the opening.

Everybody was happy.

Or are they?

Here we put some of the mixed reactions (some too violent to post here) that we gathered from some of our readers.

One word that comes to mind when reading the reactions of our dear readers is INCONSISTENT.

Many loved the new ramp while several also hated the hyped road.

“Skyway ramp saved us last Saturday from the Sucat-Alabang traffic. Sent us straight from Buendia to BF in no time,” said one reader.

Another one said that it only took her 10 minutes from Buendia to Bicutan via the Skyway but spent one hour on the road from Bicutan to the Sucat portion of the Skyway.

“I love it!” quipped another excited and satisfied motorist.

Some also narrated that passing the new road felt like flying in their car but others warned fellow motorists because fast cars might bounce off the cement as the road is still not that flat.

A lot of shuttle services still prefer to exit at Bicutan though as the one-lane exit in Sucat takes too long to come out of, revealed a BF Homes villager.

Others weren’t so happy too.

“Dec.16, evening: terrible! We thought we had the advantage but that was only a few meters. It was a very long crawl after that. When we finally were out of the ramp, we decided to go through BF to get to Alabang instead of going back to SLEX since the ramp going down to Sucat seemed to bring us far inside. NOT a good idea if your destination is Alabang,” noted the motorist.

“TRAFFIC!!!!!” exclaimed another villager, saying the new exit ramp created a major bottleneck.

The BF resident said that it now takes her some one hour to get to her house compared to the usual 15 minutes it took her before.

Another couple said they got stuck in Skyway for one-and-a-half hours (6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

So is it traffic because it’s the Holidays? Is it traffic because people still aren’t used to having a ramp going to Sucat? Is it traffic because there are just too darn many undisciplined drivers in the country?

Whatever the reason is, the Skyway Sucat ramp still deserves some praise. Hopefully it fulfills on its promise to alleviate traffic in the area.

Let’s all drive safely!

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