The Heat is on in Macapagal Drag Racing

Can anyone really stop them?

We’ve seen in the news that police can’t even apprehend any of them. They just zoom past the mobile cars and the waiting policemen.

We’ve also heard rumors that some “racers” pay off the cops. We heard that a minimum amount of P500 can make police start their cars and just drive away.

But again, these are rumors. Or are they?

The fact is, there are illegal drag races happening along Macapagal Ave. Motorcycles or cars. And they pose danger to themselves as well as to the unsuspecting motorists who pass the area.

This was reported way back in 2006, as far as we can remember. It’s already 2011. Do the math.

They say prizes or stakes reach as high as hundreds of thousands of Pesos and that there are people who back these races up.

These are only hearsay though.

What can be done here? We know that policemen are assigned there. But what can two or three policemen do against these (hundreds?) racers?

They even have a Facebook Page (Macapagal Drag Racing).

What if they legalize the races? What if companies come up with legitimate races? Will these racers stop doing it illegally?

They recently imposed a 60kph speed limit along the highway. Is this being implemented?

We can only hope so.

We just hope that people won’t get harmed by the illegal races being held along Macapagal Ave.

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No Responses

  1. Joe Kano says:

    Good luck. I can make the cops go away with a wave of my hand (as long as it contains 100PHP).

    If that doesn’t work, some name dropping does. As long as politicians have the power to get policemen fired, and policemen are paid in peanuts, these problems will persist.

  2. AP says:

    Thats some bullshit “Joe Kano” Php100? gimme a break. Keep your 100 pesos and buy some cigarettes and kill yourself slowly. HAHA

  3. Bitaw says:

    Simple, racers just can’t be stopped. 🙂

  4. Vin Diesel says:

    When I see flashing lights in my rear mirror. I don’t stop.