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Practice healthy habits;Las Pinas residents urged by mayor

Mayor Vergel ‘Nene’ Aguilar warned city residents against the possible upsurge of water and food borne diseases like dengue, liptospirosis and diarrhea in the wake of the prevalent extreme weather conditions. The warning came...

When will diggings in Alabang-Zapote Road end?

When will the diggings end?   Traveling from RFC to Zapote earlier this morning took around 30 minutes already because of the small space left for vehicles because of the Maynilad diggings.

Diggings along Alabang-Zapote Road–be cautious

Passing by Alabang-Zapote Road is now a chore. Well, yeah, it’s been a chore ever since. But here’s another reason to be wary of passing by the main Las Pinas highway (yes, we’re trying...