Swimming pools in Ayala Alabang breeding grounds for dengue?

Submitted by Olivia Conroy on Fri, 09/24/2010 – 11:58

On Friday, health authorities stated that for the occurrence of dengue fever in tens of thousands of people of Philippines’ posh neighborhoods, swimming pools could not be blamed wholly.

The dengue, a mosquito borne virus spread is prevalent in Manila during the moist season and causes sickness similar to influenza.

It affects the slums of the region the most. As told by Romeo Javier, surveillance Chief, the health authorities at the Manila suburb of Muntinlupa are of the view that the swimming pools in Ayala Alabang, a posh area, could be sheltering the carrier mosquitoes.

He added that the matter had been reported to the city Mayor by the local health authorities. Ayala Alabang, a region in Southern Manila is spread over nearly 700 hectares.

An official reported in The Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper that the investigations are being carried out on the pools of the passed away owners or those in the properties, which the banks had shut.

“As our standard practice, we have dispatched teams of investigators not only (in Ayala Alabang Village), but also in the other barangays to verify the incidence of dengue in their areas”, said Dr. Edilinda Patac, City Health Chief.

The dengue cases in Muntinlupa have surged 77%, as compared to the past year. As of September 20, the confirmed cases increased to 53 from 28, the last year.

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