Streetchildren have invaded Aguirre Ave. as well?

An Alabang Bulletin reader called our attention yesterday about the disturbing presence of streetchildren along the busy street of Aguirre Ave. in BF Homes Subdivision in Paranaque.

“There are so many street kids on Aguirre Ave. on BF Homes!” narrated the BF resident.

The reader said that they had called security a number of times already to report the issue but the children are still there.

“They throw stones and rocks at each other, wrestle, fight with people who won’t give them money,” related the reader, who said the area where they most hang out is near the Mini Stop and Tavern Asia area.

The BF resident expressed that “it’s super dangerous both for the vehicle owners and kids and that this shouldn’t be the case and i think something should be done.

“No one is doing anything!” said the exasperated and frustrated Alabang Bulletin reader.

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