Spend more time with your family instead of your car

It’s Saturday morning.

Junior is in basketball practice. Molly has ballet recitals later this afternoon. You need to prepare for a major presentation for Monday. The wife is asking you to bring her to the salon.

Oh and the car needs an oil change. Badly.

And you badly need the car to do all those weekend errands.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Booking that appointment is just a few clicks away!

Good thing beepbeep.ph has got the solution for you — Maintenance Valet!

With the new and very useful booking system, car owners can now schedule appointments for their car service needs through beepbeep.ph.

Not only do they schedule for you but they also take care of the pick up and delivery of your car.

Now that staycation can finally be booked!

With over 7,000 car care partners all over the metro, your car concern will be taken care of in a snap and without taking away from your family or personal time.

Next thing you know, they’re delivering your car straight to your house.

Visit beepbeep.ph or download their mobile app to find out more.

Beepbeep.ph – your car care needs at your fingertips.


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