Some Helpful Tidbits from Alabang Bulletin

Adios suplementos: According to Time Health Report, it may be time to toss the beta carotene pills since scientists  find that daily supplements do nothing to lower the chances of  dying from cancer or cardiovascular disease.  Still, it says that eating fruits and green  vegetables  rich in nutrients appears to reduce  the risk of disease; researchers now suspect that this is due to an overall healthy diet  and not to beta  carotene.  Now you know where to put your money, and that is on fresh fruits and green, leafy vegetables.

Hart needs an E: Foods rich in vitamin E may offer protection against heart disease, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals. According to the study women who  consume plenty of E-rich vitamin foods cut their chances of heart disease by almost  two-thirds.

The best source of vitamin is found in vegetable oils high in polyunsaturated fats  such as corn, soybean and sunflower oils.  Other good sources are margarine made  primarily from vegetable oils, vegetable shortening, wheat germ oil and nuts.

Honey S-facial: There’s a cheaper way of doing a facial which is just as good as the one you get at your  expensive beauty parlor. And it’s  very simple.  Just steam your face by holding your head for a few minutes to open to up the pores.  A hot towel may also do.  Then put honey  on your face and leave  it until it gets a bit sticky

After about ten minutes, pat your face with the palm of your hand to pull out the dirt and blackheads.  Take out the slightly hardened honey by wiping your face with a hot face towel then your homemade facelift is complete. Now feel the soft and smooth texture of your skin.

Bumping bumper stickers: Sometimes the stickers our beloved teenage kids put in the family car’s bumper  are enough to cause our sudden demise especially when you  are dying to scrape them off pronto but feel helpless because you don’t know how.  One such sticker placed there by a son feeling aggrieved after being grounded for one week for walking  naked in the living room  while a noisy party was going on  in a neighbor’s house proclaimed, “God is not dead.  He’s just sleeping in the master’s bedroom.”

Despair no longer because you don’t have to be stuck with this problem.  To remove old and faded stickers, just paint vinegar over them, let it soak then scrape the  offending stickers off.  To avoid scratching the bumper or windshield, use a small wooden spatula or anything that is not sharp and pointed. #######

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