SM issues statement regarding pricing discrepancies experienced by a Muntinlupa mom; Vows to better their system to avoid similar incidents

In response to our article published two days ago about a Muntinlupa Mom’s experience with erroneous charging in one SM supermarket, SM has released a statement to address the incident.


The price she was charged for the coffee but the price on the shelf only showed P219.50


Through its social media account SM Markets, they apologized for the “system glitches” that led to the wrong pricing of some of their goods.

They also asked for understanding and explained that they have corrected the errors already.

Some SM personnel also messaged us privately and asked how they could get in touch with Muntinlupa Mom to so that the store manager could give her an update on her concern.

Please read their full statement below:



We would like to thank SM Markets for noticing the complaint and addressing the “glitches” as well.

Hopefully there will be no similar incidents like the one Muntinlupa Mom (and many other of you, our dear readers) experienced the other day.

We’re also hoping that other establishments follow suit and sync their shelf prices with their cash registers to avoid victimizing shoppers and getting their hard-earned money due to “system glitches”.


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  1. maninlaspinas says:

    There is no such thing as a system glitch on pricing. As I understand it these are maintained by people. If there is an error, it is due to the input of a human. SM also suggest this is more widespread by stating they hope other establishments resolve this issue. One way would be for the price sticker under the product to match the product, easily achieved, by using the shelf stacker who is over filling the shelves to look busy.

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