Skyway management asks for understanding on new Runway toll booths; Encourages everyone to learn new scheme (please see here)

A number of motorists traversing from the south to the north experienced some sort of rude awakening to the first day of the work-week this morning as they were witnesses to the effects of the additional toll booths along the Skyway launched last Jan. 27.

Located just a few meters before the NAIA 3 Exit, the new toll booths slowed down traffic flow along Skyway to the disgust of many motorists who were caught in the slow-moving traffic.

Photo by Paul Corpuz

Some motorists left as early as 5:30am but only got to their offices in Makati around 8:30am.

Some said that additional toll booths added an hour to their usual travel-time.

A netizen also tagged Alabang Bulletin in her photo where she compared the traffic before the toll booths and after the toll booths.

Photo by @joan_fye

The bottleneck was blamed by everyone to the new toll booths.

We reached out to Skyway operators and they apologized for the inconvenience with their standard email reply which was mentioned in their previous announcements.

“We apologize for any delay this adjustment to a new system might cause — particularly in the first few days of implementation,” expressed Skyway SOMCO.

They also added that they are hopeful that with sufficient communication and awareness as well as the cooperation of everyone, an improvement of the traffic flow will follow in the coming days and promised to continue to find ways “to improve efficiency on their existing road systems to serve everyone better.”

They then asked everyone to contact them through their Customer Service Hotline at 318-8655 (TOLL) or email them at

So for everyone’s information, please see the rationale behind the new toll booths below, according to Skyway SOMCO:

“This new toll plaza will facilitate faster toll collection on the Skyway’s elevated section. It consists of two toll plazas:

– Runway A — with four lanes and up to five tellers per lane — dedicated to CASH payments

– Runway B — with three lanes and dedicated to Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system.

For cars with RFID’s, all Northbound vehicles from Alabang, Sucat and Bicutan will continue to use the dedicated ETC lanes at their entry points and exit at the new ETC lanes at the Runway Toll Plaza.

For cash payments, for vehicles coming from Laguna and Filinvest, all cash payments will be processed at the new Runway Toll Plaza’s dedicated CASH lanes.

At the same time, vehicles coming from Sucat (Dr. A. Santos Ave), Bicutan (Dona Soledad) and Alabang (Alabang-Zapote Road) will pay upon entry and upon reaching the Runway Plaza’s CASH Lane Number 1 where they hand over the QR-codded stub attached to their receipt to the teller.

Please see below for the visual aid:


Hopefully everyone gets used to this as soon as possible so that traffic along Skyway goes back to normal or improves.

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  1. Michael John Nunez de Castro says:

    The illustration above is incomplete, lanes 1 and 2 will merge upon exiting the tollbooth, a sure hit ingredient for accident in waiting, that toll plaza is a huge garbage can of qr code thermal paper, waste to money, waste of time, hassle to the max

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