Several victims fall prey to muggers/thieves near Filinvest area once again; Filinvest commits to provide better security

Alabang Bulletin was able to get wind of another victim of mugging near South Station in Muntinlupa so this post is to warn those frequenting the area especially at nighttime and as a call to the authorities to continue focusing on the security in the area.

In a Facebook post last week, victim Jino Inocencio narrated how he was attacked by two individuals while on his way home in the area between South Station and Wilcon Depot in Filinvest.

Read his account of what happened below:

“It happened between 1015-1030PM. It happened in between South Station and Wilcon Home Depot in Alabang. I was really not concentrating on the people who passes by that time for it was very dark in that area. I just concentrated on the way where I was walking. What I remember is that there were 2 persons walking the opposite way then all of a sudden I felt the punch to my left rib area. I did not even see that they were about to punch me. After that punch, I just felt another blow to the left side of my face. I ran towards the road and rode the passing jeepney. FOrtunately the jeep was going to the way where I am headed. It was during the jeepney ride that I felt the pain in my rib area and the side of my face. I alighted just after our village and was assisted by my friend. The security guards in our village brought me home but along the way I vomited already and when I alighted the security patrol, I passed out na. I was sent to the hospital with the help of our neighbor.”

Aside from Jino, we have also read of similar incidents in that same area.

Jino also told us that another friend was stabbed in the area a week before he was attacked.

The stories we heard happened as far back as three years ago and still the place is dark and without police visibility.

In an update from Jino himself, he said he had met with representatives from the Filinvest group and received a positive response from them.

According to the Filinvest people, they will be assigning a guard in the area as well as building an outpost and installing CCTVs.

With better security or not, let us all be vigilant and alert when commuting and walking the streets.

We also ask the Muntinlupa government to help the Filinvest group in securing the area better and not add to the several victims who’ve already fallen prey to these lazy people.

We hope that justice is served and that the people responsible for these crimes are put in jail.


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  1. rob ramos says:

    yes i also walk along that area filinvest and in back of Depot its very very dark it needs lights not just guard because guards are not reliable to be in that area all night long/ best is to put lights because cctv will catch nothing without lightings

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