Second phase of Skyway to open in mid April

From The Daily Tribune Online:

The Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corp. (CMTC), also known as Skyway, has announced the opening of the second phase project from Bicutan to Alabang middle of April.

During the Balitaan sa Tinapayan forum, Ed Nepomuceno, vice president of Skyway, said the project will comprise some 80 kilometers of elevated road that is constructed on top of the South Superhighway.

Toll rate will be P169 starting from Buendia up to Alabang.

The existing rate which covers only the Makati to Bicutan is P85 plus another P35 from Bicutan to Alabang.

Nepomuceno told media if the proposed income tax holiday will be granted by the BIR, the rate would be reduced to P143. However, the new rate is being planned where it will be counted per kilometer used.

Nepomuceno made an assurance that structural design of the Skyway passed through international highways standard and all the specifications on the design were followed as per plan.

Engineer Jaime Cancio, designer of the Skyway, said the construction of the Skyway can withstand the 6.7 or even 9 intensity quake as it has undergone a civil works test of a .04 gravity test (a test made on building concrete foundation) which it passed.

Cancio noted that while there were fault lines near the path of the highway, they made it sure that they had diverted them so that in case of a strong earthquake it will not directly hit the concrete foundation.

There will be 40 closed circuit cameras that will be installed there and motorists are warned they will be penalized in case they go beyond the 100 kph speed limit.

Nepomuceno explained at 100 kph travel it would only take 10 minutes to travel from Alabang to Makati exit but reminded motorcycle owners only 400cc motorbikes are allowed at the Skyway. Pat C. Santos

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