Second Mayor Bernabe Basketball League is on!

In line with its sports development and healthy lifestyle programs,Parañaque City Government opened the 2nd Mayor Bernabe BasketballLeague (MBBL) on Monday August 6, 2012. MBBL is a basketball tournament amongteams fielded by departments in the local government organization and nationalagencies with offices in the city.


Gracing the opening ceremony are Mayor Jun Bernabe, MBBL President and Youth and Sports Adviser Carlo Bernabeand YSDO OIC Mike San Miguel.


The official bracketing of teamsfor this MBBL season is as follows:  BracketA:  P’que PNP, P’que BJMP, YSDO, Vice-Mayor’sOffice, COMELEC, HRMO, Office of the Building Official and SK Federation;Bracket B: CHO, SOCO, Judiciary, PCH, LTO, Mayor’s Office, Assessor’s Officeand Public Market; and Bracket C: Legislative, ACAP, DepEd, GSO, Engineering, P’queCity Band, BB Team and Planning Office.


The following FIBA Amateur rules shall be used in the tournament: 1)No uniform,no play rule shall strictly be observed; 2)The coach shall be responsible forthe proper conduct of his team and bench/gallery; 3)No or incomplete gallery noplay rules shall be implemented; 4)Players not found in their team’s galleryshall not be eligible to play; and 5)Team’s gallery shall be final and noreplacement shall be allowed.


Disciplinary actions during the tournament shall be as follows: 1)Allplayers who are found to be involved in a brawl/fist fight shall be automaticallybanned from the tournament; 2)Conduct unbecoming such as disrespect toofficials; unsportsmanlike behavior; flagrant fouls are all subject to majordisciplinary actions including getting banned from the tournament.


In the elimination round, the 8 teams ineach bracket will have a single “Round Robin Play-offs” with the top 5 teamsmoving into the knock-out playoffs. In the quarter final round, the top 2 teamsin each bracket, a total of 6 teams will engage in a single Round-RobinPlay-offs and the top 4 teams will move to the Semi-final Round for across-over match.  The Top 2 teams will be given a “Twice to BeatAdvantage”.  In the final round, the top 2 teams willengage in a “Best of 3 Games Championship Play-offs” while third place will besettled by way of a one game knock-out.


“There is nothing like a good game of basketball where people not onlyhave fun but also get good exercise. This is also a good opportunity to meet,foster goodwill and develop friendship with employees in the variousdepartments within the local government structure and local offices of nationalagencies.”, Mayor Jun Bernabe said.

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