San Andres’ No. 1 Most Wanted arrested in Muntinlupa City

From Catanduanes Tribune:

A man who earned the tag of San Andres’ No. 1 Most Wanted Person was arrested recently in Muntinlupa City where he apparently escaped after 18 counts of incestuous rape was filed against him in February 2013.

Joint elements of the Luzon Field Unit of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Unit led by Inspector Jonathan Rabanal and San Andres police headed by Inspector Richelle Balute apprehended Larry Taopo Timajo, 46, in Bayanan, Muntinlupa City where he had been employed as a construction worker.

Timajo had been accused of raping his two young daughters at least 18 times over the past eight years inside the family home in San Andres town.

One of the victims, who was first victimized in 2004, finally took up the courage to go to the authorities upon learning last May 2012 that her father had also been abusing her younger sister since the latter was in Grade 1. Both were assisted by their mother in filing the separate complaints against Timajo, who had moved to Almojuela, Viga.

Maybelle (not her real name), the elder sister, said that she was sleeping together with three other siblings inside their house at Timbaan, San Andres sometime in May 2004 when her father arrived drunk and positioned himself beside her. Shortly, she felt his hand on top of her private part, took off her shorts and panty, undressed himself and then raped her.

The rape was repeated almost every night thereafter whenever Timajo would come home drunk, including the night of her birthday in June 2004, the town fiesta on Nov. 30, 2004, and during the Dec. 16 “simbang gabi” in 2004 and 2005, with the last incident sometime in November 2008 when Maybelle left the house to stay with a neighbor.

Apparently, even without Maybelle, Timajo soon found another victim – her sister Ann (not her real name). She was in Grade 1 and just eight years old when the sexual abuses began on July 24, 2008, when she and her siblings went with their father for an excursion upon the invitation of a neighbour who was celebrating birthday. She claimed that from them on, he would rape her at least every other day, but remembered only 12 specific dates – Nov. 14, 2008 barely two days after her 9th birthday, Dec. 24 and 31 of the same year, Jan. 1, 2009, Dec. 24 and 31 of the same year, and Dec. 24 and 31 in 2010 while others were celebrating Christmas and New Year. The abuses also happened on Jan. 17 in 2009 and 2010 during the eve of their barangay fiesta. She said she was also raped on Aug. 12, 2012, a Saturday.  She could not tell anyone out of fear as he was very hard on them, forcing her mother to leave them. Ann revealed she also knew he raped her elder sister Maybelle as she always pretended to be asleep whenever she heard her “Ate” cry.

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