RRCG P2P Bus from Alabang to Makati trip and vice versa announces fare increase

The RRCG Point to Point Bus System last week announced that it would be increasing its fare for its Beep Card holders by P30.

Used by many commuters from Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque and even those from Laguna and Cavite for convenient and affordable transportation, the original fare for Beep Card holders was P50 while those without the card were being charged P80.

As confirmed by Alabang Bulletin with the RRCG P2P management, starting May 25, 2017, the standard charge of P80 will be applied with senior citizens, PWD’s and students still enjoying the 20% discount and will only be paying P64.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions with some even saying they will not ride the bus anymore while others continued praising the system for its convenience and still affordable rates.

“Ang mahal naman masyado. Casual workers ang mostly na sumasakay jan at ndi mga taga ayala alabang,” said Facebook user Errol Risanti.

“I don’t mind the price increase, as long as it translates to better service – specifically, no waiting lines from GB1 to Alabang during peak hours. We’ve been lucky for the past months because of summer vacation, but please do your best to ensure there won’t be any lines after May. I think doubling the number of busses during peak hours would be fair to justify the 60% price increase,” said another Facebook user Bruce Lopez.

The management explained that the three-month moratorium on the introductory fare of P50 had already lapsed.

“RRCG P2P would like to express its sincere apology for the fare increase. When RRCG started to bid for the Alabang-Makati route the fare that is stated at LTFRB MC 2015-027 is 110php but we will only charge an acceptable fare which is 80php. Ever since RRCG P2P started we made it clear that 50php is just a promotional fare for the first 3 month and we extended it to 1 year. We will also start paying terminal fees at Alabang and Makati,” explained the management.

So let’s see how this goes once the fare increase kicks in.


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  1. Paul Tadifa Jr says:

    Convenient but not affordable!!!
    Masakit sa bulsa…

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