Rotating brownouts are here

Okay, now we’re paying attention to this news since it has just affected us. Our office (Las Piñas) had just fell victim to the “rotating brownout” that we the consumers have no clue why we are being punished even though we are diligent in paying our bills.

A call placed to Meralco said at first that the brownout would be from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. What?!?! Good thing another call verified that it would only be for two hours and that it would rotate for 12 hours in our area. Still sucks.

And Meralco did not say when we will be having another power interruption. All they said was, “You might be calling us again tomorrow.” Nice!

Here are their numbers should you wish to bombard them with inquiries: Meralco: 16211/20, 6311111

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