Rival street gangs clash in Pasay, Parañaque; 1 dead, 4 wounded


12:11 am | Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


Two gang wars took place in the cities of Parañaque and Pasay just before dawn on New Day’s Day, leaving one gang member dead and four others wounded.

The first occurred at 2 a.m. in Don Carlos Village, Barangay 190, Pasay City, between two rival gangs.

Two minors were wounded after a member from the other group shot them with a “sumpak,” or homemade shotgun.

The two, however, refused to tell the police what caused the fight between the two groups.

Authorities later determined that on New Year’s Eve, the minors were beaten up by other members from the rival gang.

They then asked for help from their group but when they returned to the area where they were beaten up, they were met by gunfire.

This left one of the boys with a gunshot wound in the right leg and the other one with injuries on his left arm and right ankle.

The boys were rushed to Pasay City General Hospital for treatment.

Case investigator Senior Police Officer 1 Genomar P. Geraldino of the Pasay police said the incident may have been triggered by old grudges some of the gang members hold against each other.

Meanwhile, four men riding on two motorcycles shot and killed a gang member and wounded two others on Pinaglabanan Street in Baclaran, Parañaque City, at

4 a.m. Tuesday.

Reno F. Ladiguhon, 34, was killed while his gang mates Mark Santy L. Carolino, 21, and Gladize A. Arabia, 20, were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

According to SPO2 Reynalod S. Arojada of the Parañaque police homicide Unit, Ladiguhon and his gang mates were going home after celebrating New Year’s Eve when their path was blocked by four men riding in pairs on two motorcycles.

The four took out guns and opened fire, hitting Ladiguhon in the left armpit, Carolino in the arm and Arabia in the left leg. The armed men then escaped.

Police said that the four were probably members of a rival group that wanted to settle a score against the victims who belonged to another gang.

Arojada said that members of the two groups had been involved in several incidents of brawling and stabbing.

“These have been going on in Baclaran for about a year,” Arojada added.

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