Riding in Tandem robbers invade Soldiers Hills Village in Muntinlupa

A reader messaged us and asked us if we could warn residents of Soldiers Hills Village in Muntinlupa about a riding in tandem thieves going around the area.

According to the concerned reader, the suspects act as if they are just doing something on their motorcycles but in reality are observing those they can victimize.

He gave an instance wherein the riders pulled on the bag of a girl who did not let go of her bag. The girl was dragged several feet because of this. This was around 8pm.

“Di namen sila ma-identify kase mga naka-helmet,” said the concerned reader.

There were also instances wherein these riders would position themselves across some houses then as soon as the owner of the house enters their property, the suspects would barge into the house with them.

“Security is not enough. We should all help each other in ensuring the safety in our community,” said the reader, adding that residents should report suspicious-looking men hanging around the neighborhood to authorities immediately.

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