REFRESHING SIGHT: Filinvest security/traffic officer continues duty despite height of Typhoon Lando

We were able to get wind (pun not intended) of a devoted security personnel from Filinvest Mall in Muntinlupa who remained in his post and continued to command traffic even with the strong winds and rain.

The post was from and was taken by Joven Esguerra who explained that tehse security personnel also acted as traffic enforcers when needed..

Hooray for dedicated security people like him!

Please click on the imagee to watch the video below:

traffic enforcer lando

Filinvest Alabang security also acts as traffic officer whenever the traffic lights are out. This guy didn’t leave his post despite the sudden gush of wind and rain due to Typhoon LANDO. It lasted for about 7 to 10 minutes. There are two security officers on duty at that time. The other is helping out at the side. My cell cam didn’t get him
– Joven Esguerra

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