Pque youths follow up on Bernabe campaign promise

A teenager from one of the villages in Paranaque wrote to us several weeks ago asking us to help them follow up a campaign promised by Paranaque Mayor Jun Bernabe when he was campaigning for re-election.

Here is their letter:

Gud day to  you Sir/Madam, pls kindly help us to remind the very kind Mayor Jun Bernabe about his promise to renovate our Basketball Court that has been forgotten long time ago.

it was election campaign when he visited our village, he made his speech in the hall beside the basketballl court when he notice (sic) that the basketball court is too rusty and pavement is cracked then he promise (sic) that he will do something about it,if ever he became a mayor again?

Now he is the honorable Mayor of Paranaque maybe he has forgotten ,or he made a lot of promises during the campaign process. Maybe we are one of them?(forgotten)maybe next time again,Promises are really made to be broken,is it?We just hope somebody from the office of the good mayor can visit our basketball court.


We forwarded their concern to the Public Information Office of Paranaque City Hall c/o Mr. Lloyd Palconan.

He informed us last week that he had already forwarded the request to the office of Coun. Benjo Bernabe.

We hope that City Hall could help the young ones so that playing basketball could keep them off the streets.

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  1. Ariel says:

    im from SUCAT the basketball court is now under reconstruction,new pavement,new basketballcourt(fiber glass)and ligths!but not covered as proposed/promised,but dont worry guys(teens)get ready for the upcoming election,much better if you GO for GOLEZ,ours is a project of CONG.GOLEZ,the court as a name GOLEZIUM…..anyway many thanks and more power to alabang bulletin.