Pito and Mita: Created on the Tradition of Good Food and Lasting Family Values

by Abel Riototar

If choosing where to dine in BF Homes Parañaque has become quite a challenge for you because of all the restaurants and bars lined up along the whole stretch of Aguirre Avenue, you might want to check out Pito and Mita, one of the relatively new establishments that has been garnering rave reviews from a lot of people because of their great food and homey appeal. When I tried the place, I immediately realized that it’s a far cry from many of its neighboring establishments whose music and ability to lure suburban yoofs are utmost important. At Pito and Mita, food and family are the real celebration.


The Mamita Salad was the first to appeal to me. Originally a special dish that should have only been served last Valentine’s Day, the salad continues to appear on tables long after February was over. And why shouldn’t it be? When one can easily fall in love with the profusion of flavors it offers. For only P220, I got a hefty serving of three kinds of lettuce, slices of pomelo, oranges and strawberries in one bowl. All that, plus a generous sprinkle of Emmental cheese and a slice of prosciutto to top the mix. 

Parmesan-Crusted Baked Fish

And while meat lovers will surely love the tender Roast Beef (P230) at Pito and Mita, vegetarians or those who prefer a strict white meat diet will enjoy the Parmesan-Crusted Baked Fish (P220) and Eggplant Lasagna (P280).  Eat the baked fish while it’s hot to fully enjoy a bite that will start with the slightly gritty texture of the parmesan and end with the soft succulent flesh of the Dory fish. I tell you, the experience is a must! The egg plant lasagna will sit well with the palate of absolute vegans as it tastes surprisingly like the real deal just without the guilt. 

Eggplant Lasagna

For dessert, I sank my teeth into their deliciously decadent choco-chip cookie with walnuts (P85). A must try for people with sweet tooth. By the way, get Pito and Mita’s special Lemon-Moringa juice (P60/bottomless). It’s a healthy alternative to hose down your food. As I understand it, Moringa is chuck-full of health benefits which include anti-cancer and anti-diabetes; it can even help lower cholesterol levels. 

Choco-Chip Cookie with Walnuts

Apart from their great food, Pito and Mita easily went to my list of favorite dining spots because it exudes a cozy, quaint atmosphere, soft jazz music plays in the background and no boisterous crowd to distract  conversation. Little wonder why Pito and Mita is fast becoming a favorite for many families, dining there is like spending a laid-back Sunday afternoon at grandma’s house. No stress. No pretensions, Just a refreshing moment to bond with loved ones over great food.

The best part is you can share this wonderful experience in a bigger way. Call Pito and Mita at 826-36-34 and have them arrange your family’s special function or event. The use of the place is free, whether it be the main dining hall, the function room or the whole restaurant; so basically the only stress you’ll experience is choosing which dish in their delectable menu would you want to serve to your family. And I warn you, choosing from the menu can be quite stressful as it has one of the widest variety of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine in this neck of the woods. I don’t know about you, but if I were to organize a grand family event, this is the only stress I surely would want to have.

Pito & Mita is located at 176 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque.

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Special thanks to Car Manuel (restaurant manager) and Pia Kasilag (chef/owner).

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