Pickpocket caught in the act in Alabang; Released because victim is not able to commit to attend hearings

Another petty thief will roam the streets of Muntinlupa (and possibly the neighboring cities).

Who is at fault? The victims who do not want to file a case because they would have to attend the hearings or is it the law?

Either way, it displeases us that this woman gets away scot-free.

In a message to us on Facebook, a source who requested anonymity related an incident wherein a woman was victimized by another woman pickpocket in Alabang.

According to the source, the incident happened around 12 to 12:30 at noon in a clothing store in front of the overpass near Starmall Alabang.

“Nandon sa shop yung biktima na may kasama pang dalawa. Nakita sa cctv ginigitgit ng babae yung 3 plus isa pang girl na di nila kasama. Habang nasa fitting room yung kasama ng biktima. Nakalapit yung suspect sa biktima. At nakuha nya ang wallet na nasa sling bag na natatakpan pa ng isa pang bag. Nakita sa CCTV. Lumapit yung salesman at siniguro kung may nakuha sa biktima pagbukas ng bag wala na yung wallet. Hinabol ng 2 staff yung mandurukot na pumasok sa Starmall Alabang. Sinundan din ng biktima at mga kasama niya. Inabutan ng isang staff na humabol sa CR ng babae na may hawak ng wallet. As per staff nag-offer pa sa kanya na bibigyan wag lang siyang ipahuli.”

When the police arrived, the suspect started crying and said that it was her first time to do this. That she only did it for her children.

The woman also said that she was from Bayanan, Muntinlupa although she later admitted that she was from Caloocan. Who knows what is true though?

The woman was also observed to be texting with someone who seemed like was telling her what to do and say.

Upon bringing the suspect to the polic station, the victim was told that they could only hold the suspect for eight hours unless the victim would be willing to file charges and attend the hearings.

Unfortunately, the victim had a flight out of the country the following day and would not be able to attend the said hearings.

The suspect also admitted to the police that it was her third time to steal from customers in the same store, the last time being last December where she was with an accomplice.

So please take a careful look at the face of the suspect and stay away from her if you see her in public.

Hopefully she gets caught again and the next victim would be willing to go through with filing charges and attending hearings.

For now, let us all be aware.

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