Philam Village cracks down on vehicles permanently parked on village streets

Vehicles parked on village streets without any sign of being moved or driven after three days will be towed and brought to a holding area until redeemed by their owners after payment of the necessary towing charges.


This was the stern warning recently issued by the Philam Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (PVHAI) through its president, Melchor S. Buera.


According to Buera, the crackdown was prompted by several complaints from homeowners who were having a hard time negotiating through the village’s narrower roads.


Aside from this, Buera also pointed out that other residents are complaining that they are being deprived of parking spaces for their visitors.


“Residents should park their vehicles inside their garages or within their own properties to decongest parking along our village streets,” Buera added.


According to him, this is not the first time that this request to errant vehicle owners has been made.


Meantime, residents are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this latest PVHAI move. ######


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  1. aaron canaan says:

    Dito po sa F.cojuangco buwan na ang binibilang at ginawa ng garahe ang kalsada.lalo na ang aming emergency exet ginawa naring garahe paki ayos lang po padalhan ng notice.kanto ng Edward Go at F cojuangco.

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