Paranaque youth run for life


MANILA, May 4, 2011?More than 2,000 youth and parishioners of Paranaque diocese participated in a run for life against the passage of the reproductive health bill.

Led by the diocesan Commission of Youth under its social advocacy arm, BIDAChange (Being God’s Instruments through Discipleship and Social Action), this year’s Takbo Para Kay Kristo aimed to create awareness on the sanctity of Life and to defend it from all forms of threats specifically from the passage of RH Bill.

Paranaque Bishop Jesse Mercado lauded the youth’s advocacy saying, “Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind/soul/spirit in a healthy body)!”

He said the young people of the Commission on Youth are using a popular healthy physical exercise in order to proclaim three important spiritual Gospel values: that Life is sacred! (Respect it from the moment of its conception!); Life is beautiful – when lived chastely! (Live Pure); and that Christ’s Life is lived in us and through us! (an Easter message).

He added that this is what Takbo Para Kay Kristo! is all about.

Diocesan Youth Coordinator Peter Pardo said the fun run showed the youth’s willingness to espouse the advocacy of fighting for life.

“…in this Takbo Para Kay Kristo, the youth of the Diocese of Paranaque are ready and willing to defend life against all forms of threats and will obey God’s will and reject RH Bill! That’s our battlecry because we are choosing God, we are choosing Life!” he said.

When asked about their suggested concrete actions on how to combat the passage of RH bill, Pardo said that, “in our Diocese, especially in our Youth Commission we have undertaken as early as February and will still continue our series of activities intensifying our formation on pro-life among the youth. We likewise mobilized the youth of our Diocese to go to Congress and attend Plenary Sessions whenever the RH Bill is being discussed on the floor.”

Pardo who also happens to be the Regional Coordinator for the National Capital Region Youth Ministry urged fellow youth to make their voice heard and act together against the passage of RH bill.

“The young people as some always say are the future not only of our society but also of our Church. But I believe that we are not just the future, but we are also the NOW, the PRESENT of our Society and our Church. The young people should not wait for tomorrow before they act and participate in the business of our society. We should act now. What we will do or will not do now will have an effect to our future children, the future youth. RH Bill is aimed to distort and weaken the moral foundation of our young people. Let us not allow this to happen. Let us not take this sitting down. Let us lead the fight and work together on this. After all we are the now and the future of the Church and our country. Let us continue to choose God and choose life. Let us BIDA Change! (Be Instruments of God through Discipleship and Social Action) Stand and defend Life!” he said.

Other than the fun run, two exhortations were given focusing on living pure and chaste and protecting God’s greatest gift to His children, which is our own life.

With these, participants were motivated with the conviction that they should protect life from all forms of threats specifically on the passage of the RH Bill in Congress.

Congressman Roilo Golez and Former DENR Secretary and Ex-Mayor Lito Atienza were also present during the event.

Golez commended the Diocesan Commission on Youth for coming up with an event like Takbo Para Kay Kristo showing that the Diocese of Paranaque is totally united against RH Bill.

He likewise thanked Bishop Mercado for the moral support and prayers not only for him but also for all the legislators who are continuously opposing the passage of the measure.

Atienza on the other hand, shared his thought on Pro-Life and encouraged everyone to continue to defend and stand for life, obey God’s will and reject RH Bill.

Assisted by some priests, the bishop blessed all the baller IDs that were distributed during the registration. The baller IDs had the Facebook Page address of the Prolife advocacy of DOP Commission on Youth, where Pro-Life related programs are posted.

Takbo Para Kay Kristo was just one of the series of events that will be spearheaded by the Diocesan Youth Commission to intensify its formation program on pro-life among the youth in the Diocese.

The fun run was held last April 30, 2011 at the Corte delas Palmas grounds, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City. (Jandel Posion)

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