Paranaque mandates use of CCTV in firms and subdivisions

The City of Parañaque has joined the growing list of local government units mandating the installation and use of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in all business establishments, including schools and private subdivisions, to deter criminals and help investigators solve crime incidents.

Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez has signed City Ordinance No. 14-03 (044) entitled, “An Ordinance Mandating the Installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras in Business Establishments and Private Subdivisions Operating Within the City of Parañaque, Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof, and for other Purposes,” shortly after the City Council passed it last February 6.

“This is part of our plan to fight criminality in Parañaque, ensure peace and order in our schools and communities, and help our law enforcement agencies in solving crimes,” Mayor Olivarez said. “In the long term, this should help protect our business establishments and our constituents from criminal elements.”

Mayor Olivarez said those covered by the ordinance are given one year to comply after it takes effect, after which its penal provisions will be imposed on violators.

Ordinance 14-03, authored by Councilor Jason Webb, mandates the use of CCTVs in banks, shopping malls, gasoline stations, supermarkets, money changers, 24-hour convenience stores, schools and universities, fast food restaurants, car dealerships, pawnshops, money courier and wire transfer shops, games and amusement centers licensed by PAGCOR, bars, health spas and massage parlors, and hotels.

It also requires private subdivisions to put up CCTV facilities in the entrance and exit gates, as well as all other establishments that handle financial transactions or those businesses with a daily customer traffic of more than 200 people.

The ordinance mandates establishments to keep files of their CCTV footages for at least one year, and to make them available to authorities when required to solve crimes. The local police and city hall personnel have been ordered to check compliance with the ordinance.

The ordinance also tasked the Business Permits and License Office to make the installation of working CCTVs a prerequisite for the issuance of business permits and licenses. It imposes fines for violators and the revocation of business permits for repeated violations.


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