Parañaque formalizes creation of motorcycle and bike lane in the city; Penalties to be imposed to violators

The Parañaque City Council today approved an ordinance designating a motorcycle lane AND a bike lane along Dr. A. Santos Ave. (formerly Sucat Road) and Ninoy Aquino Ave.

With a working title of “an Ordinance designating the outer lane of Dr. A. Santos Ave. and Ninoy Aquino Ave. in the City of Parañaque as MOTORCYCLE LANE and A PORTION OF WHICH IS A BIKE LANE, establishing appropriate rules and regulations, providing penalties for violations and appropriating funds for the purposes”, the said ordinance will take effect 15 days after its publication in a newspaper with general circulation.

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Citing the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and seeing an increase in residents using motorcycles and bicycles because of strict public transportation guidelines, the City Council deemed it necessary to make it easier and safer for commuters to report to work and to go home.

Some other reasons cited in the Ordinance are:

  • Many businesses have expanded their delivery services, further promoting growth in the demand for motorcycles
  • The use of motorcycles has increased due to the following advantages: higher fuel efficiency, affordability and a sense of personal convenience

Given the above reasons, the city councilors also recognized the dangers of riding a motorcycle and bike, hence, the provision of special lanes for both.

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“The City Government of Parañaque recognizes the need to introduce new interventions to promote a more orderly flow of traffic and diminish the number of fatal accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles which are both perceived as preferred mode of transportation under the new normal,” stated the ordinance.

The directive also mentioned a period of dry run and a series of training will be held in coordination with the city’s Traffic and Parking Management Office (TPMO), including information awareness campaigns and dialogues with stakeholders and transport groups.

More simply dubbed as “The Motorcycle and Bicycle Lane” of the City of Parañaque, the ordinance also provided a definition of terms in relation to two-wheeled vehicles that will be affected by the said ordinance.

A provision relating to e-bikes is not included in the ordinance.

“A non-exclusive lane for motorcycles and exclusive lane for bicycles is hereby established along both sides of Dr. A. Santos Ave. and Ninoy Aquino Ave.,” the ordinance stated, adding that these lanes will be delineated by clear road paint markings.

Additional road signage and markings will also be put in place to further inform motorists about the said lanes, with the City Engineering Department identified in the ordinance as responsible for road design measures and improvement activities that are necessary to ensure road safety AND successful implementation of the ordinance.

“The City Engineering Department shall ensure that Dr. A. Santos Ave. and Ninoy Aquino Ave. shall have the necessary road infrastructures, furniture, markings, rumble strips, inlets, and other traffic calming devices and other cost-effective measure to promote road safety for all types of road users,” the ordinance further mentioned.

If you noticed above, the motorcycle lane is said to be “non-exclusive”. What does this mean?

It means that private vehicles, authorized three-wheeled vehicles, public utility jeepneys may also traverse the Motorcycle Lane when stopping to pick up or dropping off passengers in authorized loading and unloading areas and also for private vehicles to access the establishments along the two roads.

Expressway-legal motorcycles (400cc and above) are allowed to use other lanes.

An exemption to use only the Motorcycle lane is when making a turn or U-Turn at authorized streets or U-Turn slots (provided that motorcycle will GRADUALLY shift lanes to do so. No swerving.

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As for the penalty, motorcycles found not using the Motorcycle Lane will be asked to pay P1,000 and is subject to the city’s famous (infamous?) No Contact Apprehension Policy PER VIOLATION.

Bicycle riders caught biking outside of the designated bike lane will be fined P500 for every offense.

“The penalty herein imposed shall be in effect only upon completing one month dry run to be conducted by the TPMO AFTER the passage and publication of this ordinance,” stated the ordinance.

An initial budget of P10 million from the General Fund of the City Government of Parañaque will be appropriated for this.

So let us obey these new rules once they are in effect. Let us start practicing now. ‘Wag nang pasaway. Rules are rules.

Allow us to remind all bikers and riders to ALWAYS use your helmets AND to stop on red signals (no one is exempted). Let us all be safe on the road and ride safe, neighbors!


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