Parañaque City gov’t launches online services for business-related transactions

from by Jean Fernando:

The Parañaque City Government launched yesterday, June 2, several online services with the business permits and licensing office (BPLO) taking the lead in the use of an online appointment system and application process for business-related transactions.

Mayor Edwin Olivarez disclosed that the BPLO has introduced the online appointment system (OAS) and the online business application system (OBA) to further improve the business registration and customer’s experience in the city which will start this month.

“The primary purpose of these online government services is to reduce the waiting hours in any request or transaction as a precautionary health measure to limit face-to-face interactions under the general community quarantine (GCQ), “Olivarez said.

He said they initiated online government services “as they embrace the new normal in Parañaque.”

“By adopting modern technologies in our core processes, we are helping the national government transform towards a digital economy,” Olivarez stressed.

Lawyer Melanie Malaya, chief of the BLPO, announced that the OAS is designed to facilitate business-related transactions and services that are classified as “non-automated” such as retirement of business, dispute in assessment and other administrative requests on business operations.

“Appointment is free of charge and operates on a first come, first served basis,” said Malaya, adding that a client has to register and select their preferred time and schedule be confirmed via email by the BPLO.

On the other hand, the OBA reinvents the customer’s experience in registering their business in the city, according to Malaya.

The said online application system allows new business registrants to file, submit, and upload their documentary requirements, she added. This will drastically reduce the number of steps and time it takes to physically register your business with the city.

Malaya is optimistic that their clients will embrace the use of new technology because it saves them time and effort and conforms with the regulations of the Inter-Agency Task Force under the GCQ.

“We are confident that these innovations in business registration will help our clients to continuously operate their businesses in this time of pandemic. As part of the new normal, our country must ensure that we maximize the benefits of technology,” she pointed out.

Besides this, the city government has also issued the following ordinances to ramp up the use of technology in public service: to authorize the use of electronic and online payment facilities as one of the methods in the payment of taxes and other fees, and to authorize use of courier services to deliver permits and licenses and other documents related to business and non-business government transactions.

Malaya said that for more details/inquiries, visit the city’s official website at or email at

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