Our Passport renewal experience at DFA NCR South

Our appointment was at 10am (we secured the slot as early as November last year).

We arrived in Alabang Town Center around 8:45am (we were given a tip that we should be there AT LEAST an hour before our actual appointment) but we couldn’t find parking as understandably, the mall was still closed (it opens at 11am on weekdays) so we settled for a slot by Makati Supermarket (no, we are still clueless as to why it is not called Alabang Supermarket).

We had to walk under the heat of the sun before chancing upon the throngs of people by the Metro Gaisano entrance.

The only entrance in Alabang Town Center to get to DFA is the Metro Gaisano Entrance by Alabang-Zapote Road.

The line was not organized so you just have to ask the last person on the line (there will be several) what line he is in and pray that the first person in the line actually is in a line.

The guard starts to let people inside the mall at exactly 9am. You go through the grocery store and form another set of lines past the grocery payment counter.

Make sure you ask if the line you are in is your time slot.

This is where the line gets organized (or organized the Pinoy way, at least).

They separate the 9-10am and the 10-11am and other time slots.

Journalism at its finest. This photo is brought to you by the person behind us who was rushing us by poking his phone on our backs. Sorry.

The security guard there and kuya DFA (one wearing blue polo barong and another one wearing green polo barong) will be happy to entertain your questions (please don’t forget to say “thank you”).

Kuya DFA 2 making sure the walk-ins were legit PWD’s, OFWs, pregnant or a senior citizen.

Make sure to bring your requirements, namely:

First time applicants


They also accept walk-ins if you are an OFW, PWD, pregnant and a senior citizen. You can ask the guard and kuya DFA again for where the line for this is.

Once we were told by the guard to go up, it was smooth-sailing after.

Line for checking if you really have an appointment.

First, the verification counter will check if you really have an appointment then they will point you to the processing area where they will receive and check all your requirements.

No Noon Breaks, all right!

Senior Citizen, PWD, pregnant and OFW lane.

After punching a hole on your old passport (if for renewal), making sure your information is correct and asking you what type of delivery you wish to avail, you will then be given a payment form and told to go to the cashier.

You can choose between Express (P1,200 — 7 working days), Regular (P950 — 15 working days).

After paying at the cashier, you go to the Encoding section where your photo will be taken and your fingerprints and signatures captured. Here, they will double-check your information.

For photos, signature and fingerprints.

Say “cheese” (without teeth please)

You then proceed to the Courier counter to pay for the shipping of your passport if you choose that option.

P150 if you choose to have it delivered.

Then you’re done!

We were done in 30 minutes after we were asked to go up.

And the next time we need to do this is after 10 years, all right!

Good job, DFA!


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2 Responses

  1. Haidie says:

    Ask ko lang po. I told the dfa representative na I want my passport to be delivered. She then told me na I can go to any courier para ideliver then okay na daw po. I was not infomed na may “courier” line sa loob ng dfa. Hindi na po ako pumili dun sa courier section jan sa dfa.
    Would that mean po na I have to pick up my passport? Or pede ako pumunta ng lbc para ipadeliver?
    Thank you.

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Please call their hotlines to verify:

      (632) 834-4000
      (632) 834-3000
      (632) 556 0000 (For Passport, Authentication, & Other Consular Inquiries)

      Most probably you would have to pick your passport up as you did not pay for a courier fee but please ask them to verify as well.

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