Ospital ng Muntinlupa closing?

Alabang Bulletin heard from a little birdie that some circumstances in the Munti hospital might lead to the closure of Osmun.
According to our sources, a lot of emloyees are on the hit list and are on the brink of getting fired for reasons that are all purely speculative as of this writing. Some people also revealed that many employees are being asked to go to work as “volunteers”. Yes, meaning no salary for the days they work and serve their fellow Muntinlupenos.
Is the hospital nearing its end? Can’t the hospital survive anymore what with all the IOU’s from its patients?
Well, these are all just rumors and speculations but we are hoping that the hospital can continue to serve the residents of the city with their affordable rates.
City Hall has kept mum about the rumor but we feel that something is definitely brewing.
We just hope the employees get what they deserve after years of being loyal to the hospital. Let us wait and see.

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  1. John Romeo Etis says:

    I don’t believe that OsMun will be closed, because Osmun is hospital of muntinlupeños who has a financial turmoil.

  2. let’s all hope that this will be the case, John. Because, in essence, everything should be for the people of the city.