Operation on fake Friendship Route stickers nets 20 motorists; Public warned not to buy fake stickers

Violators will be sent to jail.

This was the pronouncement of Las Pinas City Hall in the wake of BF Homes officials apprehending several motorists with fake Friendship Route stickers.

The Friendship Route sticker is a courtesy pass given by the local government to residents giving them access to pass through several Las Pinas villages.

Approved as an ordinance in 2006, the move was made to decongest the always-busy Alabang-Zapote Road (the city’s main thoroughfare) with the local government asking permission from certain Las Pinas villages to grant access to LP motorists who possessed the stickers.

Motorists need not pay for the sticker. They just need to show that their vehicle is registered in Las Pinas City and that they have proof that they live there as well.

For three times now since the passage of the ordinance, the Las Pinas City Hall has printed limited edition stickers and given them away to residents who applied for these stickers.

But apparently, these are not enough.

Several “business-minded” individuals have resorted to printing their own stickers and selling them for at least P500 each.

In a recent campaign against those selling and buying of the Friendship Route stickers, the BF Homes Federation of Homeowners Association, Inc confiscated a number of these fake stickers.

In an interview with the Public Information Office of Las Pinas City Hall, they said they are trying their best to stop the selling of fake stickers.

They have yet set a date for the next issuance of new Friendship Route stickers but they appealed to everyone to be patient and not to resort to buying fake stickers.

Motorists who are caught using fake stickers have to pay P500 for the first offense, P1,000 for the second offense and P3,000 on the third offense.

According to the LP City Hall, they have caught and charged some individuals for selling fake stickers and some of them are now in prison.

Photo from Romeo Pajarillo.

In an operation inside BF yesterday (Jan. 11, 2018), BF guards were able to confiscate around 20 fake or laminated (also not allowed since anyone can just transfer the sticker to other cars) Friendship Route stickers.

They said those caught are now banned from entering BF Homes.

Again, the Las Pinas City Friendship Route stickers are not for sale. They are given for FREE by the city government so do not patronize those selling counterfeit stickers.

Let us wait for an announcement from the Las Pinas City Hall on when a new batch of stickers will be available.


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7 Responses

  1. Konzen says:

    No new stickers but them people from Cavite and Muntinlupa who are not from Las Pinas have them stickers in their cars. So what can LasPineros do if they have new cars? Suffer the wrath of Alabang-Zapote road?

    The solution to this is simple. Before doling out stickers, ask for an ‘amilyar’ receipt: Proof that you paid your taxes and you are from Las Pinas. Nagbabayad ako ng buwis sa gobyerno ng Las Pinas, ako nag tanim, iba umani. Or be strict with deed of sales, it should be notarized that the buyer is indeed using a Las Pinas address.

    And dont get me started about how BF Paranaque can exit Las Pinas gates, yet Las Pinas residents cant exit El Grande and Presidents avenue gates. Kung lagyan ni mayor ng gate yang border ng Las Pinas/Pque BF like what they do to us? Diyan kayo lumabas sa Sucat road pag pupunta kayo ng ATC, para fair. But thats another story.

  2. LP Resident says:

    They are free, if you call them and say you need one for your car. They always say it’s not available, even waiting for 6/months and even if you are from Las Pinas. Then you notice new cars who suddenly have it. Then, what’s the wait and to whom do they give it as priority?

  3. Marlon Bondoc says:

    Dami pera local dapat magpalit sticker every year para d mapeke at tuwing magbabayad lamang ng amilyar ay doon i issue ang sticker dahil dito taga las pinas lamng ang makikinabang.
    At kung hindi updated sa buwis ay hindi dapat makinabang ng sticker.

  4. JADEC says:

    Dapat RFID na frenship sticker ngaun para may xentral database ung sasakyan na mavalidate kung lehitimo residente ng lp.l at mahirap pekiin. Yaman ng LP kaya yan.

  5. AZR sufferer says:

    So, if I buy a new car (sira na yung luma namin e, pero may Friendship sticker un), ibig bang sabihin, we can’t pass through friendship route, kahit na taga LP talaga kami?

    Maganda yung suggestion ng iba na to release stickers dun sa nagbabayad talaga ng amilyar. Why not implement it? Dami kong kilalang taga Cavite at P’que na may friendship sticker, paano?

  6. Uma Arte says:

    Ang traffic traffic na ng friendship route. Dito sa loob ng village namin, Pilar Village, napaka traffic, puro taga cavite naman ang dumadaan..puro fake ang sticckers nila..dapat mahuli sila. At tama ang suggestion nila na mga nagbabayad lang ng amelyar ang bigyan ng stickers..

  7. Mark Joseph Lao says:

    Pero despite our grievances dito, can we expect someone to look on these issues raised by us Las Piñeros?

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