Nu/Hart Introduces Revolutionary Hair Transplant Procedure

May 1, 2012 — Manila, Philippines — Nu/Hart Hair Clinics, a world leader in hair transplantation, offers “Follicular Unit Extraction,” an innovative, cutting edge procedure that ensures rapid recovery and minimal discomfort.  There are no stitches or scars with this procedure. 

This process strategically harvests individual follicular units from the donor site and immediately transplants them into the thinning and balding area.

Unlike conventional hair transplants, this method does not involve any linear incisions at the back of the head, and follicular units are extracted one at a time and transplanted to the thinning and balding areas.   A follicular unit generally consists of one to three follicles of hair. 

The procedure involves minimal discomfort and is relatively painless. There are no bandages, no scars at the back of the head, no stitches to be removed, and generally no follow-up visits are required following the procedure. 

The session takes a few hours during which the client can sit back, relax and watch TV or listen to music, and talk to the staff and doctor without feeling any discomfort at all. 

According to Kathy Smith, President of Nu/Hart, “This procedure comprises the present and future of hair transplantation.  Most clients should consider this proven procedure in order to restore their lost hair.”  

However, it is important that all prospective transplant clients find out if they are good candidates for the procedure.  This could be done at a complimentary consultation at Nu/Hart in Makati or any of Nu/Hart’s centers worldwide.  Those who are not good candidates for FUE procedure may be eligible for the conventional hair transplant procedure.   Both procedures generate excellent results.  Nu/Hart’s staff and doctor can advise you which procedure is right for you.

Nu/Hart physicians develop a hair transplant program that is customized to meet the individual needs and goals of each client. 

The lead Nu/Hart hair transplant physician in Manila is Dr. Bato, who trained in FUE with Nu/Hart at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office under Dr. Mark Boles, International Medical Director for Nu/Hart, and Dr. Peter Dickinson, both of whom have performed thousands of hair transplant procedures.       

Mac Fadra, Director of Nu/Hart Manila, stated, “We are proud to offer this new and exciting hair transplant technology at our Manila office to better serve the needs and goals of our growing client base.  Nu/Hart remains on the cutting edge of hair transplantation technology as it expands internationally as the world leader in hair restoration.”

Nu/Hart Manila was established in 2004 and has successfully performed thousands of hair transplant procedures on Filipino, Balikbayan and international clients from the United States, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, the Middle East and other countries in Asia. 

At eleven centers in the U.S. and overseas, Nu/Hart’s physicians have performed over 30,000 individual hair restoration procedures on clients from over 40 countries over the past 25 years. 

Nu/Hart is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and operates centers in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, London, Dubai, Mumbai, India, Hong Kong, and Manila.  Nu/Hart’s doctors are U.S. or European trained. 

For further information on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, call:  818-6000 in Manila or visit their web-site at  You can also e-mail them at

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