NSO calls on all establishments to join their list

The Updating of List of Establishments (ULE)is a regular activity of the
National Statistics Office (NSO). It involves updating through
comprehensive field work (door-to-door canvassing),feed backs from
previous censuses and surveys, mail inquiry and matching with other

Updating includes (1) capturing and listing of characteristics of “new”
establishments; (2) updating of the status and characteristics of “old”
establishments; (3)de-listing “closed” establishments that should no
form part of the LE and (4) identifying out-of-scope units on the LE

The major source of updates for the 2011 ULE are the
updates from the complete enumeration done in selected growth areas and
field verification of large establishments in other areas.

The List of Establishments (LE)

The List of Establishments (LE) of the National Statistics Office (NSO) is
a database of all establishments in the Philippines. As of 2011, the
LE contains information for about 800,000 establishments, employing more
than 5.7 million persons in 17 geographic regions in the country.

Uses of LE
The LE provides an updated and reliable sampling frame for the NSO’s
business and industry censuses and surveys.

Distributions of establishments derived from the LE are used for many
purposes, such as: guide to government planning, policy making
and monitoring basis of marketing plans, opportunities and
prospects input to evaluation, market research and comparative studies.

Establishment as the Unit of Listing

An establishment is defined as an economic unit,which engages, under a
single ownership or control,i.e. under a single entity; in one or
predominantly one kind of economic activity at a single fixed physical

Legal Authority
Commonwealth Act No. 591 mandates the National Statistics Office (NSO) to
prepare for and undertake all censuses of population, agriculture,
industry and commerce.

Confidentiality of Information
Section 4 of Commonwealth Act No. 591 states that:” … Data furnished to
NSO will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and shall not be used as evidence
in court for purposes of taxation, regulation or investigation…”

The NSO is presently conducting the 2012 ULE from May 2 – June 16, 2012.
This time the areas not covered in the 2011 ULE shall be completely
enumerated while field verification of large establishments shall be
conducted in other areas.

Support the 2012 Updating of the List of Establishment!

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