No parking along Aguirre Ave. in BF Homes Paranaque scheme to be implemented; See details here

The BF Federation of Homeowners Associations, Inc. — the ruling village association inside BF Homes in Paranaque — announced last week that starting tomorrow, Sept. 5, there will only be limited parking along one of its main roads — Aguirre Ave.

Although exact details have not yet been released, sources from inside the village said that a “No Parking” Rule will be implemented from the Aguirre Gate of the village up to Elizalde Ave. and for certain hours.

For starters, the No Parking along Aguirre Ave. scheme will start from 6am to 8am then from 4pm to 10pm.

According to a Facebook post by a BF Homes villager privy to the rule, the recently deputized security guards of the village will be issuing traffic violation receipts to offenders.

We’ll update this news once we get more information.

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4 Responses

  1. ruben so says:

    still, it won’t solve the problem. why, simply because konti lang nagpa-park sa side walk. the main problem is how can BF HOME and other adjacent subd make the entry to their entrance gate flow faster. if ALL those subd; spl BF HOMES; won’t relax their entry traffic rules. the new scheme will not work.

  2. Leo dos Remedios says:

    The problem are or were the corrupt persons that opened BF to all this bullshit. It was built to be a residential subdivision. Really assholes those people

  3. Randy says:

    we now feel the problem opening and commercializing our main roads. d ko alam sino pasimuno nito pero look whats happening. traffic traffic traffic…i hope they are happy with what they have done…

  4. Bruce Craig says:

    Whoever made this rule needs his or her head looking at.
    The small businesses in Aguirre are already suffering, on a Friday or Saturday night there are very few actual parking spaces available. The lack of parking is putting people off coming to Aguirre area to enjoy a night out. Aguirre is such a wide street that on an evening I cannot see what problem parking on each side of the road prevails. It seems to me that the association has held a meeting and some bright spark came up with this idea as they did not have much else on the agenda, usual power trip that you experience from the BF guards etc. here at BF, most likely head of security! Or, its another money making scheme!
    If you are going to come up with these stupid ideas you should first think of an resolution to the parking problem. I am an expat who has been living in this area for 14 years and this is the daftest idea yet. Well done BF Homes association you never cease to amaze me!
    I also recently heard a rumor that some bars in Aguirre had been told they cannot serve drinks past midnight or 1am? Has anyone else heard this? You can stay in the bar until 3am but they cannot serve you drink. However they can serve you many cases of beer or spirits just before midnight to keep you going…. Another great idea and another way to ruin small already struggling businesses.
    I really would like to meet the responsible people who makes these decisions and try and understand what is coming from their heads.
    I think it is time that we the people of BF voted on who makes these decisions because obviously whoever does it right now needs thrown out.
    A frustrated resident!

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