No more forms for Friendship Stickers?

(10 am) Okay, so today is the first day of the distribution of the 2011 Las Pinas Friendship Route Stickers. How is the distribution going?

Well, we received this email from a dear reader. You be the judge on how it’s going on.

Good Morning, Alabang Bulletin!

My brother went on leave from work to get friendship stickers today (the first day of distribution).  He left our house in Pilar Village at 6am and called me up just now (around 9:20am) that the organizers are dispersing the crowd since there are no more forms available.  My brother said that “surprisingly” the forms already ran out even before the distribution center opened.  How can that be?  I thought the first day of distribution is today?  Why don’t they have sufficient forms?  Who were able to get them in advance?  How were they able to get the forms before the opening?  How about working people like us? Do they expect us to go on leave for a week just to get a sticker? Why can’t they just renew the ones who already have one?  It’s total chaos.  I hope they improve their system in distributing the stickers or if they can’t handle it then might as well not issue a new one.  I wont be surprised that those who were able to get them are not even residents of Las Pinas which will leave real residents like us (we’ve been residents since 1974) without stickers.  That is so unfair!  I hope you can help us in finding out how we can get our friendship route stickers.  Thank you and more power to Alabang Bulletin!


So what went wrong here?

Calling on the Las Pinas City Hall people.

What happened? Can people still go there today or should they just go back another day? What’s the reason behind this? City Hall should have very well known that people would be flocking to the venue to get these valued stickers. What gives?

Mayor Nene Aguilar? Congressman Mark Villar?

What now?

(12noon) Sources say forms are now available.

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