No CCTV, no business in Muntinlupa

September 22, 2011, 2:37pm
MANILA, Philippines — The Muntinlupa City Council passed an ordinance requiring business establishments in the city to install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras within their premises to prevent crimes.

City Ordinance 11-046, sponsored by 16 councilors, requires all private commercial or business establishments with a capital of at least P1 million to install CCTV or video surveillance system.

“The use of [CCTV] cameras has been at the forefront of crime-fighting technology, ranging from improving deterrence of crime to the recording of evidence of criminal activity,” the ordinance said.

Mayor Aldrin San Pedro said the passing of the ordinance is in response to the wave of criminal activities including those perpetrated by the Salisi Gang especially in fastfood chains.

The city council said the ordinance will “intensify the city’s drive to solve criminality and to preserve visual footage as evidence.”

Under the ordinance, establishments are required to maintain the continuous digital images recorded by the system for no less than 30 days for review and reference.

If a crime occurs, the CCTV operator, employee or establishment owner shall immediately contact the police and provide the video recordings.

The ordinance aims to protect the privacy of individuals by prohibiting the unauthorized viewing, recording, distribution and broadcast of the captured video footage or images.

Business establishments are given 90 days from the date of approval of the ordinance to comply and install CCTV system.

Those that will fail to install CCTV will be given a warning on the first offense, a fine of P2,500 for the second and a fine P5,000 and revocation of business permit on the third offense.

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