No CCTV in ATC parking lot; Mayor San Pedro urges quick implementation of CCTV bill


By Aie Balagtas

MANILA, Philippines – Muntinlupa Mayor Aldrin San Pedro has ordered the strict implementation of a recently passed ordinance requiring the installation of surveillance cameras along the premises of business establishments.

Investigators found out that there was no closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in Alabang Town Center’s cinema parking lot, where three people died in a failed armored van robbery last Friday.

“A camera would have helped the investigation,” city public information chief Omar Acosta said.

Ordinance 11-046, which was passed by the city council last September, aims to “intensify the city’s drive to solve criminality.” It was supposed to take effect last month.

“But we implemented it gradually to give the owners enough time to adjust. But since (the robbery) happened, we think they would understand,” Acosta said.

Under the ordinance, business establishments “with a minimum capitalization of P1 million are mandated to install a CCTV or video monitoring system.”

The cameras are required to meet eight specifications, including having time stamp feature, the ability to record 15 frames per second, and a resolution recording level of 640 x 480 pixels, among others.

It must also have a dedicated channel and provided with independent uninterruptible power supply system.

“The captured video footage or image may be used at any time to satisfy written order or subpoena of any court or body with competent jurisdiction,’ the ordinance read.

Captured images are required to be kept for a minimum of  30 days.

First-time violators will be warned by the city government, while second-time offenders will pay a P2,500 fine. Third-time offenders will pay a fine of P5,000 and face the revocation and cancellation of their business permit to operate.


On a side note, a reader also wrote to us telling us of her tale. She said that she was about to cross to ATC (cinema area portion as well) when two men riding motorcycles quickly grabbed and stole her bag. She wasn’t hurt but all her prized belongings in her bag were never recovered.

Always be cautious when in the parking lot of Alabang Town Center OR in any parking lot in any mall. Always be alert of people in your surroundings.

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