New parking rate table in Westgate and Filinvest causing confusion among motorists

Several readers called our attention this week in connection with the new parking rates being implemented in Westgate and Festival Mall.

“It seems there is a disconnect,” said reader Lizette Rivor Monzon in her Facebook post forwarded to Alabang Bulletin.

In her post, Monzon narrated how she parked in Westgate for nine hours and was charged P110 upon exiting.

She argued that she should have only paid P100 based on the new scheme.

For those who are not aware of the new parking scheme being implemented in Westgate and Festival Mall, please see below photo:

Photo from Lester Guevara via Facebook

The parking attendant then showed her their new parking rates table.

Please see below:

Photo by Lizette Rivor Monzon

Monzon then questioned why there was a 3 hours and 1 minute on the table and found it a bit confusing.

She said she wasn’t sure about what time she entered and went out of the parking (she lost her ticket after) but that she estimated entering around 7:50pm and going out around 4:45pm.

Evaluating the table, if her entry and exit times were accurate then she should have just been charged P100.

We’re no mathematicians but the table seems a tad bit confusing.

Maybe the table should read:

First 3 hours – P40

3 hours and 1 minute – P50

4 hours and 1 minute – P60

5 hours and 1 minute – P70

6 hours and 1 minute – P80

and so on…

This is to avoid the confusion between 3 hours and 1 minute and the 4 hour mark.

“They maybe just need to correct their table of rates because if read by some it may be construed otherwise unless you fully analyse the table and maybe you will think that their table actually meant 110 php for 9 hrs and 1 min and not 110 php for 9 hoours only,” expressed Monzon.

Do you guys find this confusing as well?

Hopefully things are clearer now or hopefully Parking Pro releases a clearer table or guidelines to avoid confusion to an already baffling parking rates.


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2 Responses

  1. alice says:

    Any updates on this confusing table?
    Scenario A: you parked at 8:55pm and got out 11:55pm

    Scenario B: you parked at 8:59pm and got out 12:00midnight

    I hope they give exams to the ladies at the cashier. Or get a computerized timer.

  2. palaaway says:

    scenario A is 40 petot. scenario B is 50 petot. an excess of 1 minute is rounded off to the next 60 minutes for profitability. Filinvest didn’t get the damned real estate for free to begin with. Their land, Their rules. Feel free to get off of their properties if you can’t afford the time based parking in the city (Filinvest City).

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