New AAVA Board of Governors express gratitude to villagers for coming out to vote; Says much has to be done

So after several months of confusion and controversy surrounding their elections/electoral process, Ayala Alabang Village Association or AAVA members last week elected a new set of officers

In the election held last Sept. 10, all candidates from the Alabang United party came out victorious.

Photo by Poch Edward Zamora

Please see winners per district below:

District 1 – Amador Bacani

District 2 – Shalimar Reyes

District 3 – Mariano Cui

District 4 – Andre Khan

District 5 – Arsenia Vera

District 6 – Mario Aguas

District 7 – Jose Antonio Munoz

Auditor General – Jose Mari Lim

During their induction, Bacani was voted as president with Reyes named as vice president and Munoz as treasurer.

In their letter to villagers, the group thanked all villagers who participated in what they called “an epic exercise” due to the happenings prior to the elections as well as the huge turn out of the elections.

“The results of the recently concluded exercise serves as an unquestionable mandate for the new AAVA Board to serve the community. We hear you loud and clear. We know what you want, we know what the village needs and we know what dreams need to be fulfilled,” the group said in their first message to the villagers.

Photo by Anna Varona

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency — these were the three values the new board promised to uphold during their term.

Some officers will be asked to serve AAVA until 2018 while some will be serving until 2019 depending on when the Annual General Membership Meeting will be.

“We extend our hand to one and all to unify this divided community. We look forward to working on your behalf to improve life in our collective home We invite you to come join us in rebuilding OUR Ayala Alabang Village,” they further expressed.

One of the more controversial issues the new Board faces is the opening of other village gates.

In an interview with Alabang Bulletin,  Bacani said the board will meet this coming week to talk about their priority projects.

They then called on all villagers to work with them.

“We can only accomplish all that we need to do when we work together,” they enjoined all Ayala Alabang residents.


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