Muntinlupa to increase fines on people not wearing face masks in public

With over 902 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of July 21 (365 – recovered, 53 – deaths and 365 – active), the Muntinlupa City Council yesterday passed a new ordinance calling for increase in penalties for people caught not wearing face masks in public.

Amending an ordinance passed last March 30, the new ordinance makes it mandatory for people to wear face masks should they go out of their homes to go to public places.

“Every person is required to wear face masks at all times whenever outside of their residence, at workplace, when entering government buildings and offices, and while in public places,” noted the ordinance, with the city council explaining that the ordinance is in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s and the IATF’s call for stricter implementation of wearing masks, especially in public places.

Photo from Coun. Raul Corro’s Facebook Page

Please see the updated fines below:

First Offense – P300

Second Offense – P500

Third and Succeeding Offenses – P1,000


For minors who are caught violating the ordinance, the penalties will be imposed on their parents or guardians.

First Offenses will be met with stern warnings while Second Offenses, aside from the P500 fine, will also include withdrawal of scholarship grants given by the city government, while a fine of P300 for non-grantees will be imposed.

Third-time offenders will be fined P500.


Any individual who is inside an enclosed private vehicle is exempted BUT when two or more individuals are inside the said vehicle, they are required to wear masks.


The effort will be led by the Muntinlupa Police with the help of barangay personnel, the Public Order and Safety Office (POSO) and other personnel that will be deputized by Mayor Jaime Fresnedi.

The city government is hoping that with the stiffer penalties  (aside from their other efforts), everyone in the city will comply and wear their masks so as to further contain the virus in the city.

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