Muntinlupa issues advisory about nature of foul smell in the city as well as reminders

With several people wondering where the “foul smell” is coming from in several parts in the city, the Muntinlupa City Health Office has issued an advisory on what everyone needs to know about the situation.

They had earlier explained that the smell was coming from the decaying algae in Laguna de Bay.

File Photo from Clemson University just to show how it looks like

What is a “Liya”?

A Liya is a kind of “Filamentous Fresh Water Green Algae” (or “lumot” as is it is most popularly called by Filipinos” that usually floats on top of water.

According to their advisory, its presence increases especially during very warm weather.

“Ito ay karaniwang madulas at malansa at nagbibigay ng mabahong amoy kapag natuyo na,” they added, continuing by saying it does not have any threat to our health.

This type of algae is actually helpful as this serves as food for fish as well.

“We have heard of complaints like difficulty in breathing, asthma attacks, stomach pains or just plain annoyance about the smell,” acknowledged the Muntinlupa City Health Office, clearly stating that they do not find any links to the strong smell of algae.


Apart from the assurance, they just issued some reminders for those still bothered by the smell:

1. Use face mask to hide the smell
2. If you continue experiencing heaviness in breathing, please consult a doctor
3. Make your area well-ventilated

They also revealed that the Mayor’s Office, together with other agencies like the City Health Office, the Lake Management Office, city Environmental Sanitation Center and the city Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Office, are doing everything they can to remove the dried “lumot” so that the smell will not envelope the city.

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