Muntinlupa creates Muslim affairs office



Mayor Jaime Fresnedi said the Muntinlupa City Muslims Affairs Office involves  an important sector in his program to improve the community after years of neglect by the previous administration.

“This is a landmark measure for us in that we recognize the role of Muslims in the development of Muntinlupa,” he said. “It is our goal that this office will empower Muslim Muntinlupeños significantly to become productive citizens.”

Fresnedi ordered the office to prepare a roadmap consisting of an updated headcount, accreditation of associations and organizations, livelihood survey, health and education needs among key benchmarks for integration into an urban center that promotes equal opportunity and religious tolerance.

“It is our hope that through this office, our Muslim brothers and sisters will realize their role and contribute towards making our City stronger,” he said.

According to Fresnedi, Muslim traditons and customs help enrich Muntinlupa’s cultural diversity.

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