Munti and Pque netizens’ wish list for new leaders

With the changes in the political landscape in the Paranaque and Muntinlupa brought about by the upcoming new leaders the two cities will have come June 30, some netizens sounded off on what they hope or expect changes to be in their respective cities.

Let us listen to them here:

@tuxedo_runner: I’m trying to be optimistic for Muntinlupa. I hope Mayor Fresnedi will not turn the fab city again to his flooded city slum.

@LightPalm: Make Paranaque liveable. Encourage sustainability by creating community veggie/fruit/herb gardens everywhere. Assess property zoning/building code violations. Scores of houses/buildings using up easements hence causing flooding.

@nonopogi: All anomalies should be exposed and people involved prosecuted. *ehem* “boy negro” *ehem #muntinlupa

@mlltamayo: Clean-up, peace and order in Alabang #muntinlupa

Aiya Orobia: Less traffic

Andrew Alsaybar: Don’t repeat the oppression made by the previous administration

Jorel Ranjel: To experience another nine years of corruption. High taxes that will lead to companies leaving Muntinlupa and migrating elsewhere. Higher tuition fee from PLMun. More kotong cops. Benefits that are intended for the poor will be distributed amongst the loyal followers of the officials. Same old Muntinlupa. Just like before six years ago. Muntinlupa finally had a chance of being developed when the green won.We finally escaped from the shadows of just being the place where criminals are sent to,We have become a booming city because of the call centers and malls that are now in the city.The poor finally had a chance to live decently and never again have their goods be sequestered by the MMDA because they don’t have a place to sell their goods.Students were given free schools supplies and were personally given by the local officials.These free supplies no longer pass the hands of the barangays to make sure that it will not be stolen by some greedy hands, free tuiion for the incoming freshmen in the college level,regardless whether of the student’s grades or income,Residents were prioritized and felt pride of being Muntinlupeno.That was for the past six years.Now,the old government won.Poor us…sad to think that we almost become a booming city next to Makati and Libis.. I thought military men are dignified and honorable..I think, Biazon isn’t one of them…coz’ my relatives are mostly from the military.

Mike Tiu: Removing of the useless streetlights in Paranaque.

Anne Esposo Halog: A booming city no more for Muntinlupa! The corrupt Mayor has once again returned! PCOS machines were manipulated by Pnoy , Biazon and Jimmy corrupt! almost.. that is true ! until now I can’t believe what had happen! All district 2 councilors won but not Mayor Aldrin, its a personal vendetta by Biazon!


Tiboy Catalan: Remove that big @$$ island in BF Homes (intersection of sucat, sm bf) that causes traffic everyday.

Judy-Lynn Asinas Decena: eliminate unregistered tricycles in alabang (hulihin na). implement “no parking” along main road of wawa, cupang, buli and sucat.


Nancy Tabla Agda: matagal ng problema ung illegal parking sa maiin road.. kaya kung my emergency bago dumating sa hospital patay na….


Mon Gacayan: Clean-up drive along Alabang palengke.

Rey Joaquin: Let us gauge their first 100 days. Only then we will know ang trend ng public administration nila.

Lheg Nedraw: In Muntinlupa, we now have only one mayor and no father and son partnership in amassing the city’s wealth. No more green paint project. Now it will be real projects and not ghost projects.

Eduard Blanco: A ton of unemployed people as new execs bring with them an army of followers.


Well, we all know who they probably voted for. At any rate, Alabang Bulletin is one with everyone in seeking for improvements to both Paranaque and Muntinlupa.

Hopefully, politicking stops and progress begins.

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