MPT South Revitalizes its ‘Envirosafe Tour’

Metro Pacific Tollways South (MPT South), a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), revives this year’s “Envirosafe Tour” for stakeholders, showcasing its commitment to environmental safety and promoting sustainable tourism.

In partnership with Acienda Designer Outlet and Henry’s Cameras, the toll road company embarked on an exclusive tour, accompanying media partners to explore both the current operational and the soon-to-open section of the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX)- the Silang (Aguinaldo) Interchange or Subsection 4.

During the visit, MPT South showcased its dedication to innovation and green technology by highlighting energy-efficient equipment along CALAX. The operational sections of CALAX feature toll plazas equipped with solar panels, generating power for their own operations. LED fixtures are installed in both lighting and roadway systems, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability measures throughout the company.

MPT South is committed to carbon offsetting initiatives, actively involved in planting trees and creating biodiverse areas along CALAX. These initiatives have a two-fold purpose: offsetting the company’s emissions and mitigating the emissions produced by customer vehicles. During the tour, the toll road company showcased various locations along the expressway that have been transformed into green spaces.

Guests also had the opportunity to visit the construction site of Subsection 4, which is currently at 80% completion. Once operational, this section will provide a crucial connection to the Aguinaldo Highway, the busiest highway in Cavite. This development will greatly enhance travel convenience to Silang town and Tagaytay, making it easier for tourists to reach ‘Instagram-ready’ destinations in the province.

Through the Envirosafe Tour, MPT South supports local businesses situated in its host communities by sourcing sustainable items from them and offering them as tokens to the tour guests. For this leg, the toll road company highlighted delicacies from the Municipal Economic and Investment Promotions Office (MEIPO) of Silang produced by the Municipality’s MSMEs, including Crispy Mushroom Chips, Kapeng Bigas and Plant-based fries. Additionally, handcrafted handbags made from recycled tarpaulins by the Imus City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) were also showcased.

“MPT South recognizes the importance of balancing progress with responsible practices, and we remain committed to implementing initiatives that prioritize sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community well-being. Through this program, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact on the regions we serve, ensuring a better future for all,” said Mr. Raul L. Ignacio, president and general manager of MPT South”.

In 2021, MPT South announced its plan to convert CALAX as a ‘Green Highway’ as part of MPTC’s commitment to decarbonizing the transport sector in the Philippines. This transformative initiative aligns with Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) broader sustainability efforts, which are in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By upgrading industries and infrastructures to ensure their sustainability (SDG 9) and embracing innovative approaches to building assets while prioritizing climate action (SDG 13), MPTC is actively contributing to the global agenda for a more sustainable and greener future.

MPTC is the biggest toll road developer and operator in the country. Aside from CALAX, MPTC also holds concession rights for Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX), its C5 Link Segment, the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), the Subic-Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), the NLEX Connector Road, and the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) in Cebu.

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