Movie Watching Etiquette (Relax, watch a movie).

We know you’ve been irritated or annoyed by that person snoring or kicking the back of your seat one time or another in the past. Yes, we’ve been victims too.

Here is our part in making watching movies in public fun again.

1. Put your phones on Silent Mode.

People do not want to hear whether you have the latest ringtone or that you are an important person in your job (if you were, then people would not bother you if you told them not to). How would you feel if you missed a very important line in the movie because the inconsiderate person in front of you forgot (or intentionally) to put his/her phone on Silent Mode. Oh, if your phone is on Silent Mode and it vibrates, it would be best to take the phone call outside the theater if you really have to answer that call. Otherwise, please wait until the end of the movie and just call the person back. Rule of Thumb: If it is really important, the person will call again. If not, then just call them back after the movie.

2. Don’t hit the seat in front of you.

The person in front of you paid for the seat he/she is sitting on just like you. Treat their chair as their property and try your best to avoid hitting them with your feet or knees. If you are above 6 feet then that would be perfectly understandable (and we do not want to pick a fight with you) but please say “sorry” every time you do hit their chair. Nothing is more annoying than someone nudging you from behind. Treat the chair in front of you like a person walking or standing in front of you.

3. Do not hog all the arm rests.

Share the arm rests. If you’re already resting your arm on the right arm rest then make the other one available to your seatmate. Most often than not, the arm rest on your right is YOURS. Lucky you if you don’t have someone sitting on your left but if you want to sit like a king then you can always watch in your own house. Also avoid putting your bags or other things on the empty seats beside you. You did not pay for them and this may be a sign that someone is sitting there. Give other moviegoers a chance to get good seats as well.

4. Dispose of your trash properly.

Yes, it’s always funny seeing someone stumble and fall face down on the floor but what if this someone is you or your mother. Put your trash under your seats if you are too lazy to bring them out with you.

5. Keep the jokes to yourself/ves.

People don’t like people who laugh at everything in the movie. Okay, the fat chick falls on the skinny guy but that’s the fifth time that that has happened so maybe you can control your laughter now. Do not ruin the serious mood that other moviegoers are in especially if what you are watching is not comedy. Yes, laughter is the best medicine but this is not prescribed to everyone inside the movie theater so learn how to control its volume.

6. It’s okay to ask questions. Just don’t address it to everyone in the theater.

Missed a line? Ask your friend (we hope you have a friend with you or else that would be a bit creepy) quietly. Do not address the whole audience. You are not David Letterman. Keep the decibel level to a one person distance.

7. If you’ve seen the movie, keep it to yourself.

Okay, you’re rich enough to watch the movie twice but it’s all our first time to catch this film. Yes, we ACTUALLY want to see what happens in the next scene and we DON’T want to find out if the lead actor dies or gets his hands cut off. But if you really cannot avoid opening your trap then open wide so our popcorn can fit your mouth.

8. Pick your food. Close your mouth. Don’t crush the wrapper.

Choose your food wisely. Remember, you don’t have a table in your seat. You don’t want your food spilling all over. If you know that your food will smell (Shawarma, anyone?) then please sit in the very corner of the theater. You can also try closing your mouth when you chew. Yes, this actually eliminates the sound from your chewing. We know that burger tastes great, you don’t have to be arrogant and all and let us know every time you bite into it.

When disposing of the snack, try to crumple the wrapper as slowly as you can. Crushing the Mr. Chips wrapper emits sounds that irritate other people. Try folding it sometime.

Oh, on a side note, eat food that won’t stick to the spaces between your teeth too much. Hearing a lady “magtinga” (for lack of a better word, our apologies) is just part of the Greatest Movie Experience Ever.

9. Don’t leave one seat empty.

Be considerate enough and don’t leave one seat empty in between another group. Unless they’re like you when you were in highschool and don’t have friends, it’s rare that people go to the movies alone. That one seat between you and the other group in your row is useless so sacrifice your arm rest and let that sweet-looking couple enjoy the movie together.

10. Check your kids. Pick movies you bring your kids too.

Cars 2, yes. Transformers, hmm. Harry Potter, okay. Cowboys vs. Aliens, not so okay. Just like in church, you don’t want kids running around and shouting invectives at their yaya’s all throughout the movie. So if you think that your kid won’t like the movie that you will be watching, two words for you—Day Care. Or leave them at home. I know of some adults who don’t care whether they trip kids or adults. Be careful.

11. Restroom break. Choose the way nearest to the aisle and move quickly.

Okay, we wouldn’t want you to go right there on your seat. That’s just nasty (and uncomfortable for you). If you need to visit the toilet in the middle of the movie, make it as quick as you can so that people you pass through to get to the aisle won’t be bothered as much. They DID go to the restroom before the start of the movie. Hey, that’s a good idea! Go to the restroom BEFORE the start of the movie. That might actually work for you.

12. Arrive on time.

They actually say what time the movie starts in your ticket or in the ticket booth. To avoid saying “excuse me” to the people you pass by going to your seat and also to understand the movie (so as not to ask questions), maybe it’s best that you get to your seats before the actual movie starts. It’s fun to watch trailers of upcoming movies too.

We would love to be able to relax again while watching a movie so please follow these simple and basic rules when going to the movies.

Be considerate of other people who paid to see the movie too. Respect begets respect, always remember this. And don’t be afraid to “shhh” people who might be in violation of the basic rules when watching a movie.

Let us all group together to fight these inconsiderate people. Enjoy the movies!

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